Thien Waterfall Monk Incense Burner

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What we think, we become... and what better way to set our minds in its most serene state than with the Thien Waterfall Monk Incense Burner. Create an ambiance of tranquility with the wonderful and amazing aroma of burning incense and the relaxing mood of a smokey waterfall.
Enjoy perfect calm and peace in your very own home. Put it in your most favorite spot where you can meditate. It's also a perfect display in the living area, in the office or even in lobbies and welcome your guests with a tranquil environment.
There are six different monk variations to choose from, so keep calm and get one now!

Please note that this product comes with only 5 pieces of incense cones. For a longer relaxation experience, you can buy more incense cones right over here: Thien Natural Aroma Incense Cones

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  • Made of Ceramic material
  • Visually beautiful and will have your family and friends smiling and excited to light an incense of their own
  • Each Waterfall Incense Monk is handmade from ceramic
  • Please note that this product does not come with incense cones. They're sold separately, right over here: Thien Natural Aroma Incense Cones

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