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No need to got to the spa to relax! Enjoy and relax as much after a tiring day with these lovely essential oils available in 12 different scents! Use them for Aromatherapy, a massage, or a nice warm bath.

  • Lavender: it helps improve sleep, induces calmness, improves metabolism and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Jasmine: an antidepressant that creates a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere
  • Sandalwood: a woody fragrance that helps calm nerves
  • Osmanthus: A sweet and mellow aroma that helps in uplifting your spirits and inspires feelings of joy
  • Ocean: gives of a scent of fresh sea air and helps create emotional stability
  • Carnation: a warm peaceful atmosphere and emotional balance are just some of the benefits this scent brings forth
  • Violet: helps in battling colds and fatigue while keeping the mind in a relaxed state
  • Lemon: refreshes the mind and body and helps improve the body's resistance from illness
  • Saussurea: balances hormones and keeps skin smooth and moisturized
  • Strawberry: this yummy-smelling fragrance helps in digestion, great as a breath freshener too!
  • Rosemary: a refreshing scent that enhances memory

Get your own set and avail all these benefits in just a single purchase! 

For a great aromatherapy experience, we highly recommend to use these pleasant oils with the Mohi Mini Portable Aroma Humidifier!

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  • Set include 12 pieces of 3 mL Plant Guru bottles
  • Great for Aromatherapy, Spa, Bath and Massage
  • 100% Pure therapeutic grade essential oils
  • No fillers additives, bases or carriers added

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